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Issues Management

imgAn issue is a circumstance, incident, problem or inquiry that adversely affects the timely delivery of the project, product or service of your company. It may also impact the quality of deliverables and adversely affect your production cost.

Issue management is an important aspect in any management methodology due to the impact issues have on a project product development or on the ongoing service. Issue management methodology assures to make the issues handling a flawless part of your larger scoped methodologies.

It is quite for team members to spot theproblems, but it is still of significanceto have a running definition of an issue. You must keep it in mind that the more ambitious your project the more issues will arise.

Issues can arise at any time, so at BMGW.COM, we work on your issue in a predetermined and systematic methodology. First we start with recording the issue of your company, reviewing it primarily, then check its status and categorize the issue accordingly. Then the research team at BMGW.COM ranks the issue severity so that you can direct your resources at the most important issues before the lesser ones. Then we work on assigning the issue to the concerned department or person. Our issue tracker will automatically send a notification to the assigned department via email. The next step is to decide over the stakeholder responsible for the issue and he will only be accountable for the resolution.

We at BMGW.COM have experts to analyze issue progress of your company and adapt actions. We can provide you feedback on how efficiently the issues are proceeding from creation to resolution.

We have completed more than 150 industrial and commercial projects in a range of industries such as food processing, packaging, chemicals / pharmaceuticals, engineering/metallurgical, electrical/electronics, commercial property and education institutions projects.

In Australia, we are serving a large number of Small and medium businesses and professionals and our services. Our CEO is Gambhir Watts OAM (Sydney) FTIA FAIM MAICD FBIM (UK) FRSA (UK). He has been our inspiring force since 1980. Prior to that Gambhir worked for top national banks in managerial positions for more than 10 years helping and developing small and medium businesses.